Black Dussehra!

Hi Friends Happy Dussehra!! However you must have observed it is going to be a black Dussehra for some families in Mumbai. Apart from receiving forwards on WhatsApp about the tragedy, today morning onwards I received a barrage of forwards of how the current Modi government is better than the years of corrupted rule by … Continue reading Black Dussehra!


The PROMISE – 2016

Though being a history buff, I had no clue of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turkish Empire. But this movie compelled me to read some material on the same, and perhaps will do so for sometime. Terry George, director of Hotel Rwanda, has delivered a fantastic semi-fictional tale of Love, Friendship, Patriotism woven around … Continue reading The PROMISE – 2016

Indian IT – Emperor with new clothes !

Infosys 50% hike to top execs As a child one of my favorite stories and still is, Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes". A vain emperor, who obsesses about fine clothes and jewellery, is told by a few con-men that they would prepare for him clothes, that would be visible to only the intelligent, … Continue reading Indian IT – Emperor with new clothes !