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Indian IT – Emperor with new clothes !

Infosys 50% hike to top execs

As a child one of my favorite stories and still is, Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

A vain emperor, who obsesses about fine clothes and jewellery, is told by a few con-men that they would prepare for him clothes, that would be visible to only the intelligent, competent people and will be invisible to the stupid, incompetent and un-intelligent people.

After acting it out or miming that they are dressing up the emperor, even the emperor ignores his own reflection in the mirror fearing that he may be exposed as incompetent and goes along the false flattery by the con-men. He not only ignores that he is butt-naked, but also arranges to parade himself showing of his newly acquired clothes among his subjects.

All of his subjects, continue to praise the emperor, despite being shocked that the emperor is naked! It is only when a small child, who expected to see the finery on his king, is disappointed and shouts out that the emperor has no clothes at all on him, that some of the subjects start laughing and say the some. While the emperor himself and those who fear of being outcasts, keep up the facade.

Now if you replace the emperor with Indian IT, the con-men with the balance sheet manipulators, and the subjects with IT employees, it completes the story.

Just a few months back, there was a huge public fallout about the lack of transparency in Infosys Governance, with some strong statements by the usually reticent Narayana Murthy. The senior stakeholders chose media to converse with each other and share their opinions. Cut to post Brexit and Trump scenario, Infosys was one of the first to layoff employees, citing “performance appraisal” review process, which is usually used in IT industry as part of cost cutting process when the pressure on margins increase. Many of such employees have evidence of their credible performances through emails and citations achieved during their tenure, but had reached higher cost or pay packets.

#NarayanaMurthy sad over layoffs

What changed in the last six months, that that a renowned IT giant goes from accusations of poor governance, to layoffs (cost cutting) and then rewards as high as 50% to the top bosses. Did the cost cutting, made the balance sheets so attractive?

Why is the revered #NarayanaMurthy who came out guns blazing on the governance issue, so muted over the layoffs. ?

Why cannot our leaders be real leaders, and take a 1 Re., pay check for a year, when they already have millions in the banks ? Is any thought given to those employees, who may have home loans, medical issues and children’s education to pay for ?

Why were we not prepared to face global changes, and protect our working environment proactively? Did we just found out that Digital and Automation are going to be the key players – it has been around since ages now. Why our workforce is not deemed to be ready, whose responsibility was it to train and make sure that our workforce is skilled to suit the customer requirements. ?

Questions there are, and perhaps not easy to answer. But the leaders need to look within, and while rewards do need to be given to those who deserve and philanthropy is good for society at large, please remember your working class, the people who bring the moolah on the table and are part of the very same society.

Let’s hope the emperor soon realizes, that it is skills, efforts and acknowledgement of it’s true subjects, which can help him put up with some brand new clothes.

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  • Disclaimer – The above is a personal opinion and viewpoint of the blogger.




The alienation of Kashmir

#PareshRawal‘s tweet has created a furore on twitter.
#Kashmir is story written in blood, unfortunately it has been the blood of the common kashmiri, whether a muslim or a pandit. It’s so called leaders, both within the state and outside of it are oblivious to the pain and the helplessness of such kashmiris.
Article 370 has done irreparable damage to Kashmir and the process to integrate it with India. No wonder Dr Ambedkar had refused to draft it. Today for any government, including the current one, it will be impossible to revoke article 370. Though the rhetoric to do so, has been on since at least my lifetime.
During my college years, I had read about Governor Jagmohan’s strong headed approach towards law and order, which was applauded then, but today seems like one of the major reasons for a Kashmiri to lose faith in Indian governance. A sensitive approach by politicos, would have perhaps helped India. The Abdullahs have been ineffective, and are no match compared to Sheikh Abdullah. they are just thriving in politics as part of inheritance.
1984 ant-sikh riots, 1992 babri riots led to further alienation of the kashmiri youth, misled by the separatists like Geelani, Lone and Yasin Malik.
Only if our leaders, both Indian and Pakistanis, look forward to the future and work jointly, can instill some peace in this wonderful state..
As for twitter wars, they are just that, five minutes of fame or eyeballs for participants. #ArundhatiRoy #PareshRawal #SwaraBhaskar
naye kirdaar aate jaa rahe hai..
magar naatak purana chal raha hai..
As for Kashmir, the apt verse is …
dekhonge to har mod pe mil jayengi lashe,
dhoondoge to is shahr main qatil na milega..

Munnabhai, Circuit aur Demonetization…

[Watching TV news about demonetization]
Circuit – Kamaal hai bhai, Modiji ne 500 aur 1000 ka rokda bandh kar diya.

Munna – Ha yaar…Bapu khush ho jayega.

Bapu – Nahi Munna..[Munna is shocked by sudden appearance of Bapu].

Munna – Kyu Bapu?

Bapu – Muje modiji ki niyat pe bilkul shaq nahi, par kaam tarikke se hona chaihye, warna takliff dene main congress ki kya kami thi…

Circuit – Bhai..kis se baat kar rahela hai…

Munna – Aam insaan ki ruh se Circuit, tu quarter maar, tuje nahi samjega…

Circuit – Bhai woh to thik hai.. apna quarter wala bola, digital payment kar warna jyaada rokda lagega..

Munna – Yeh Digital kya hota hai..

Circuit – Wahich main bola, saala pure bharat varsh main ghumke sikhana padega..

Munna – Sikhna padega sab ku, akele pradhanmantri thodi mehnat karega..

Circuit – Sambhalna bhai, aisi baat se public aajkal nayi gaali deti hai..

Munna – Kya gaali deti hai..

Circuit – BHAKT bolegi aapko…

Munna – Abe yeh gaali thodi hai…

Circuit – Ha lekin, bolte waqt THOBDA aise banate hai log, ki gaali lagti hai…

Munna – Chal bank jaate hai…

Circuit – Bhaiii.. itni badi line..Daaru ke alawa kabhi apun khada nahi raha line main…

Munna – Ruk main aata hu…
[Munna returns all bruised]

Circuit – Kya hua bhai..

Munna – Kuch nahi, Amitabh ka dialogue maar ke line main khade rehne gaya..jahan hum khade hote hai..wahich line shuru..Bahut maara public ne…Gandhigiri bhi nahi chali..

Circuit – Bhai..aap ke paas to Bapu hai…kuch direct connection lagao na ROKDE ke liye.. puri vaat laga di Modiji ne…

Munna – Aisa mat bol Modiji ke baare main, tu bhi maar khayega – deshdrohi bolege tereko…

Circuit – To bhai karne ka kya..

Munna – Jane de..Udhaari pe quarter maarte hai aur chup beth ke tamaasha dekhte hai…

Health Minister declares war on tobacco !!

Today’s Mumbai Mirror’s headlines reflect the title of the post.

No doubt R.R.Patil was a well intending politician, a rare breed that continues to survive today among many a wrong party and under wrong leaders. However headlines such as this does make us wonder, when would the death of a common man also solicit such a reaction or action from the government.

Recent news of a drug called Meow Meow, doing rounds of school and the teen circuit was scary enough though we are yet to hear of further action on the same.

Unscrupulous auto drivers continue to rule the roost, and today’s incident of a auto driver doing unbelievable things to himself, while driving and at the same time staring at the woman in the auto is horrific. Such things were unheard of till a few years back.

However we have a capable Rakesh Maria as the police chief and look forward to ridding this city of such scums !

AAP – Kejriwal losing the plot ?

The reversal of FDI, has come as a rude shock to AAP supporters across India. The fact that this will send a wrong signal to the investors across world cannot be undermined.

The so called grocers, baniyas have not exactly been doing social service and have been fleecing people either in terms of money or quality of goods.

We have a right to choose and Kejriwal cannot take that away from us. It’s time AAP pulls up it’s socks and reviews it’s own house and sets it in order.

The confidence on AK’s face is dwindling too, and he looks lost while facing media on controversial questions giving the image that he is unprepared, not exactly the right way for an aspiring PM and an in charge CM to be projected as.

Also whats with any and every tom, dick and harry across the land joining the bandwagon – is there a system in place to ensure that AAP gets more intellectual individuals with requisite experience to lead in politics ?

Vishwas needs to cut down on his rhetoric too, before it boomerangs on his own face.

What the hell is going on ?

Post the dreadful gang rape, it seems media has suddenly discovered that molestations, rapes and abduction need to be reported and hence instead of daily political bickering and gibberish that we were fed has now been replaced by the social evils and injustice faced by us lesser people.

For the channels, it’s all about grabbing eyeballs for TRPs. There was news of 2 boys who committed suicide as they were accused of molestation, and they left a note that they were wrongly accused of the same. Rape is a monstrosity, that needs to be curbed but does not mean, that we go bombastic and try to lynch each and every suspect that we come across.

Pick up any newspaper, and now a days you read rape written on every page, across almost every state in India. We need to think how we need to go about the same, whether in implementing the law, or in publicizing the incidents, as done by the media.

Leadership Vaccum..

The current agitation has exposed the leadership vaccum that exists in our political spectrum. We were aware of the internal power struggle and the petty squabbles that now and than erupt at the BJP headquarters, and now we are aware that the situation is more or less similar at Congress too.

Jaitley’s remark that Congress depends too much on lawyers, although the same can be said about BJP, is true to some extent. Kapil Sibal has always tried to be the troubleshooter for Congress, depending upon his gift of the gab, as a lawyer.

However, Kapil somehow gives one an image of a scheming fox, wonder why no one from Congress has observed this, the feedback can be had from Civil Society and Baba Ramdev. Hence instead of helping Congress, it’s always the opposite, with the high command required to step in to douse the fires started by Sibal and gang.

Manmohan Singh’s silence is scary, it speaks volumes of the state of affairs at Congress. If a man, as educated and as experienced as him can be silenced, that what future does congress intend to shape up for India? Instead of dilly-dallying further, it’s high time that Manmohan Singh should put in his papers, and let Rahul Gandhi take the reins since every kid in India knows that is the first priority of Congress and it’s high command.

I do not see the innocence or naivety of a Rajiv in Rahul, to trust him with the high post, but I am sure that Congress is powerful enough to force the people of India to welcome him as the next PM !!.

Hence let’s get it over and done with please…