AAP & DOWN – Mayank Gandhi

When I bought this book, to be frank, I thought it would be a dry tale or retelling of the rise and fall of AAP as a political party. Because who doesn't know of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal - the visual media has done and keeps doing it post mortem almost on a daily basis. … Continue reading AAP & DOWN – Mayank Gandhi


Indian IT – Emperor with new clothes !

Infosys 50% hike to top execs As a child one of my favorite stories and still is, Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes". A vain emperor, who obsesses about fine clothes and jewellery, is told by a few con-men that they would prepare for him clothes, that would be visible to only the intelligent, … Continue reading Indian IT – Emperor with new clothes !

Munnabhai, Circuit aur Demonetization…

[Watching TV news about demonetization] Circuit - Kamaal hai bhai, Modiji ne 500 aur 1000 ka rokda bandh kar diya. Munna - Ha yaar...Bapu khush ho jayega. Bapu - Nahi Munna..[Munna is shocked by sudden appearance of Bapu]. Munna - Kyu Bapu? Bapu - Muje modiji ki niyat pe bilkul shaq nahi, par kaam tarikke … Continue reading Munnabhai, Circuit aur Demonetization…

Health Minister declares war on tobacco !!

Today's Mumbai Mirror's headlines reflect the title of the post. No doubt R.R.Patil was a well intending politician, a rare breed that continues to survive today among many a wrong party and under wrong leaders. However headlines such as this does make us wonder, when would the death of a common man also solicit such … Continue reading Health Minister declares war on tobacco !!