Padmaavat – Review

The master storyteller Bhansali is back with an visual extravaganza. And now you wonder what the hullabaloo around the movie was for ? This movie is probably made only for the Rajputs to gloat and celebrate. Apart from the fact that after Bajirao, probably Bhansali made up his mind to make money by making opulent … Continue reading Padmaavat – Review


Qarib Qarib Singlle

I probably would not have seen this movie, but for accidentally reading a very offensive review of it on, it left me so surprised that I made up my mind to see it. And I am glad I did. It is a refreshing story of mature love, which focuses more on the conversations between a … Continue reading Qarib Qarib Singlle


WOOO !! Shyamalan is back in form.. What a thriller, it had me by the guts throughout mostly due to James McAvoy disturbingly realistic performance. In fact the plot of the movie is linear - Kevin suffers from DID - Dissociative identity disorder also more commonly known as multiple personality disorder for which there is no … Continue reading SPLIT by M.NIGHT SHYAMALAN – a review.