Leadership Vaccum..

The current agitation has exposed the leadership vaccum that exists in our political spectrum. We were aware of the internal power struggle and the petty squabbles that now and than erupt at the BJP headquarters, and now we are aware that the situation is more or less similar at Congress too. Jaitley's remark that Congress … Continue reading Leadership Vaccum..


India on the streets by Chetan Bhagat

We have all had that one uncle who keeps on reminding you how India is terrible. He tells you about how every government authority takes bribes - from the RTO to the ration shop to the municipality. He will tell you how no government department does its job well - the potholed roads, abysmal conditions … Continue reading India on the streets by Chetan Bhagat

Aarakshan – Reservation – banned in UP..

.."Jaha ek chandaal neta ne Mandal ka Kafan Oudhakar karwayi masoom vidyarthi-yo ki aatm-vilopan se pehchaan..us desh main mere bhai bolo mera bharat mahaan ??".. When I had recited a poem, born out of anguish during the Mandal Commission episode, to a ex-Samajwadi leader, he explained to me in depth the situation that exists in … Continue reading Aarakshan – Reservation – banned in UP..