Seven Keys to Goal Setting – Brian Tracy “Goals”

Amazing insights, Brian Tracy's style is inimitable, a must have for every reader's shelf. Presenting an excerpt from the same. ======================================================= There are seven keys to goal setting. These are general principles that apply to virtually every goal. When you find a person who is not achieving his or her goals, it is because of … Continue reading Seven Keys to Goal Setting – Brian Tracy “Goals”


Pakistan’s New Foreign Minister – Hina Rabbani Khar

Indians surely need to keep a watch on their ministers and their foreign policies !! Jokes aside, India desperately needs it's younger brigade to be in the forefront of indian politics, representing all political parties. The old horses are simply dead horses, who need to clear the field soon.

CBI implicates Maran in 2G status report

The year 2011 will be remembered for the highest number of scams and of mindbogging figures, involving Cabinet Ministers. It is unheard of that a cabinet minister implicated by CBI, continues to remain in office, where as he should have been removed so as to assist the investigating agency. DMK ministers seem to have literally … Continue reading CBI implicates Maran in 2G status report