Baba Ramdev Vs. Sonia ?

What a Drama !! A government that boasts of the largest and biggest scam of 1.75 Lakh crore, largest ever in the history of Free Modern India, comes down hard on Ramdev and his followers in the middle of the night just for asking to ACT and bring back Black Money from Swiss Banks. Why? … Continue reading Baba Ramdev Vs. Sonia ?


A tragedy called V.S.NAIPAUL..

VS Naipaul's latest barb is that women write inferior 'tosh'.The author is known to revel in controversies. To call women writers names, is totally uncalled for, but than so called Nobel Prize winners, highly celebrated celebrity authors such as Naipaul, live in a illusionary world of their own. He has become senile, age has caught … Continue reading A tragedy called V.S.NAIPAUL..