Slumdog Millionare Slapped…by media..

The news channel were flashing about Azharudin being slapped by his father for not giving interviews. His father's explanation was that the child spoke very rudely to someone who had come from far and that the behaviour could not be condoned, hence a spanking was due...Now what the hell is wrong in that I say...I … Continue reading Slumdog Millionare Slapped…by media..


Why is Ramalinga Raju unhappy?

Hyderabad. Unconfirmed sources have revealed that Raju is terribly unhappy about Slumdog Millionaire getting the Golden Globe award for the "Best Screenplay". His unhappiness basically stems from the fact that his company's Balance Sheet was not even considered for the nomination. "The P&L statement of my company is already a bestseller in the FICTION category … Continue reading Why is Ramalinga Raju unhappy?